Free Connected Minds Conference 2016

November 18 2016 | 05:24 PM

2016 has been a hectic year, the continued influence of whistleblowers and the uncontrollable rise of accountability and transparency in an age where National Security rhetoric is prevailing over privacy and data protection. The Snowden Leaks, followed by the Panama revelations, and the recent Wikileaks influence over the Clinton campaign have made it clear to everyone that the information age is kind to no one.

This year’s FCM includes controversial topics that are aimed at educating the public on matters that are highly polemic and complex.

We are especially pleased to host a private and exclusive talk with Julian Assange.

The First Chapter: Freedom will begin with The Reemergence of City States and Local Spaces: A Revived Model panel, moderated by Ghassan Hasbani, CEO of Graycoats

The panelists are:
H.E. Francois Barras, Swiss Ambassador to Lebanon, H.E. Michelle Cameron, Canadian Ambassador to Lebanon, Ziad Hawat, Mayor of Jbeil Municipality, Rodrigo Tavarez, Founder and CEO of Granito & Partners and author of “Paradiplomacy: Cities and States as Global Players and H.E. Marian Alexander Wrba, Austrian Ambassador to Lebanon

Followed by a presentation about a new academy, ALAC “Academy of Leadership and Applied Communication”

The Second panel will discuss a special interview on Accountability & Transparency with Will Fitzgibbon, Investigative Journalist at ICIJ, who has conducted the investigation on the Panama Leaks moderated by Yasser Akkaoui, CEO of Executive Magazine.

A not to be missed part of the conference is an exclusive and private interview with Julian Assange, the Founder of Wikileaks, this interview will be moderated by Youmna Naufal, the head of the English News at Future Television, Lebanon.

The Second Chapter: Connectivity, will begin with a keynote speech by Ghassan Talhouk, the Managing Director at LinkedIn MENA

Followed by the third panel that will discuss the End of Print Media, moderated by Bachir El Khoury, a Lebanese Journalist.
The panelists are:
Ramzi Hafez (Lebanese Publisher at InfoPro), Fréderic Picard (Editor in Chief of Le Figaro), Nayla Tueni (Editor in Chief and Chairperson of Annahar Newspaper), Brian Whitaker (Former Middle East Editor of The Guardian and Writer of the blog on Middle East Affairs Al-Bab)

The Third Chapter: Manipulating Minds, will begin with an interesting presentation that will compare the cinematography of ISIS to Hollywood Films by Rabih Haddad, a Professor at Université Saint Joseph.

The fourth and final panel ISIS and the Social Media War will be moderated by Gabriel Deek, President of the Internet Society Lebanon Chapter, CEO of OmniSy.

The panelists are:
Patrick Baz (Photojournalist, Former Photo Manager for AFP MENA), Stefan Bazan (Head of Knowledge & Education at KEEWARD), Rabih Haddad (Professor at Université Saint Joseph), Rouba El Helou (Media Lecturer at Notre Dame University, researcher and writer)

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