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The May Chidiac Foundation (MCF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, development, and education on issues of peace building and mediation, international affairs and democracy, women’s rights and health, media, and social welfare. MCF believes that it can greatly contribute to make Lebanon a proactive player in the whole Middle East and the global economy, thus providing our country with the needed foundations to foster human rights, public safety, freedom of expression, and good governance.

Through our affiliated MCF-Media Institute, we have partnered with international organizations to work on peace building, youth empowerment, and women’s rights ranging from the UNESCO, UN, UN Women, the International Criminal Court Tribunal (Special Tribunal for Lebanon), Friedrich-Ebeert Stiftung, US Embassy and Middle East Partnership Institute (MEPI), French Embassy and the Institut Francais de Liban, Netherlands Embassy, Google MENA, Graycoats, Berytech, Mothers Without Borders, and CSR arms of Businesses.

Our donors have worked with us to train over a thousand beneficiaries from all over the country, prompting us to launch the Academy for Leadership and Applied Communications for aspiring communications professionals and business leaders.

Indeed, to inspire the next generation of leaders in the Arab World, the May Chidiac Foundation has been hosting two annual conferences for the past eight years entitled respectively, Free Connected Minds Conference and the Women on The Front Lines Conference.

Women on The Front Lines:
WOFL features influential women who have inspired leadership, change, and sustainability in various fields such as business, politics, international affairs and security, economy, business, science and technology, media, and others.

The conference is generally held in Lebanon under the Patronage of Lebanese First Ladies and Prime Ministers. Yet in 2016, MCF launched its first WOFL MENA Chapter in Jordan under the patronage and presence of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. We have since held two more conferences in 2017 and 2018 in Amman, Jordan under the Patronage of Jordanian Prime Ministers Hani Al Mulki and Omar Razzaz.

Women on The Front Lines-Jordan:

In 2016, MCF launched its first WOFL MENA Chapter conference in Amman, under the High Patronage and Presence of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The success of the first edition secured media coverage from countless Jordanian news outlets and Lebanese newspapers and TV stations, and paved the way for renewing the engagement in 2017, resulting in the second WOFL MENA Chapter conference 2017 under the Patronage of the former Prime Minister of Jordan Dr. Hani Al-Mulki & the third conference in 2018 under the Patronage of His Excellency Dr. Omar Razzaz Prime Minister of Jordan.

Topics included: Active Women in the Development Process: Realities, Challenges and Opportunities; Women Entrepreneurs: Building Businesses and Lives; Women of Honor: Taking Exceptional Actions to defend Humanity; Women Fighters and Survivors of the Iraq Conflict; and Celebrity Power and its influence in society.

Free Connected Minds:
FCM aims at exploring ideas through debates and interactive discussions concerning on politics, culture, economics, business, STEM, and international affairs. Hundreds of speakers have flown from all over the world to speak about relevant crucial topics in 21st century. It is usually held under the Patronage of Prime Ministers or Cabinet Members.

The May Chidiac Foundation believes that by supporting the development of knowledge production industries, it can greatly contribute to making Lebanon a proactive player in the Middle East and the global economy. This will lay the necessary groundwork to foster freedom of expression, human rights, democracy, and good governance.

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