Free Connected Minds (FCM) aims at exploring the influence of digitization and technical developments on imperative social, economic, political, and communication concern. The discussions relate the main themes to the development and advancement of the ever-important notion that is the freedom of creativity and expression. This distinguished conference includes three main chapters: Freedom, Connectivity, and Minds.

FCM Focuses on Contributing to Indispensable Debates & Producing Results!

Overall, FCM themes have come to include social media, digital activism, smart business, entrepreneurship, and the future of connectivity in media, telecommunications, government, and society.

Free Connected Minds Conference 2016

2016 has been a hectic year, the continued influence of whistleblowers and the uncontrollable...

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World’s Most Famous Whistleblower to Speak at FCM!

This year’s Free Connected Minds conference will feature brilliant speakers who will share their...

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Lawein Ray7in Wins FCM Startup Competition

In 2015, FCM involved a special FCM 2015 Chapter: Creative Minds: Inventors and Innovators...

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Between Polarization and Proliferation

On December 13, 2014, The May Chidiac Foundation – Media Institute and Friedrich-Ebert Stiftung...

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Rising Concerns Over Online Security

On December 7th, 2013, the May Chidiac Foundation-Media Institute (MCF-MI) held its “Free Connected...

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A Balance Between Information and Transparency

The May Chidiac Foundation-Media Institute (MCF-MI) and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) held a media conference...

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