May Chidiac Foundation | MCF

“Women on the Front Lines” Conference | WOFL MENA Chapter

Under the Patronage of the Prime Minister H.E Dr. Omar Razzaz

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Four Seasons Hotel | Amman, Jordan

8:30 | Registration

9:30 | Opening Ceremony

Master of Ceremony: 

  • *Alia Toukan, News Anchor on Jordan TV

Welcome Notes:

  • *Dr. May Chidiac, Founder and President of the MCF – Media Institute.
  • *Maha Shair, Chairperson of the Conference.
  • *Thierry Marigny, CEO of Orange Jordan.

Patronage Note:

10:00 – 10:30 | Fireside Talk


  • *Ouided Bouchamaoui, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate in 2015. (Tunisia)

Moderator: Ricardo Karam, Talk Show Host, RK Productions & TAKREEM founder. (Lebanon)

10:30 – 11:20 | Panel 1 |Women in Politics: the glass ceiling stereotypes in terms of portfolio and responsibilities.


Women all over the world are breaking the glass ceiling in politics yet, their contributions are often shelved. Women are still considered unable of taking on responsibility in “male-oriented areas” such as finance, economic development, foreign affairs, and defense. Thus, mainly women are given ‘women’s only’ portfolios in parliaments.


  • *H.E Jumana Ghnaimat, Minister of State for Media Affairs and Communication, Government Spokesperson. (Jordan)
  • *MP Rola Jaroudi Tabsh, Member of the Parliament (Lebanon)
  • *H.E Mary Kawar, Minister of Planning. (Jordan)
  • *H.E Neziha Labidi, Minister of Women & Children. (Tunisia)
  • *H.E Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Emigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs. (Egypt)

Moderator: *H.E Ziyad Baroud, Former Minister of Interior. (Lebanon)

11:20-11:30 | Networking Break (10 minutes)

11:30-12:20 | Panel 2 | Women in the World of Economy & Finance.


Women are making a difference and succeeding in the world of finance and developing projects although it is an industry predominantly managed by men. So what are the challenges women face in this field and are they gaining more ground in high-level power positions?


  • *Dr. Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist of Arabia Monitor. (Lebanon-UK)
  • *H.E Raya El Hassan, Former Minister of Finance and Chairperson & General Manager Special Economic Zone. (Lebanon)
  • *Shaima Salmeen, Kuwait Managing Director for Schlumberger. (Kuwait)
  • *Dalia Wahba, Regional Director of IFC (International Finance Corporation). (Egypt)

Moderator: Rami El-Karmi, Chief Innovation Officer, Jordan Ahli Bank & CEO Ahli FinTech. (Jordan)

12:20-13:20 | Standing Business Lunch (60 minutes)

13:20-13:30 | Keynote Speech


  • *Lina Khalifeh, young entrepreneur, founder of SheFighter and TED speaker. (Jordan)

13:30-14:20 | Panel 3 | Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery.


Modern slavery is a crime that extents globally. Millions and millions of people are held by ruthless employers, far from their homes and families with no money and no ways to ask for help. They are bought and sold as a commodity. Human trafficking has a dangerous impact over the global community. It fuels violence, threatens health and safety and shatters families.


  • *Dame Julie Okah-Donli, Director General, NAPTIP, Nigeria (Nigeria)
  • *Blessing Okoeidion: Human Trafficking Survivor. (Nigeria)
  • *Rachel Witkin, Head of Counter-Trafficking, Helen Bonham Foundation (UK)

Moderator: Chaker Khazaal, Writer & Journalist. (Canada-Palestine)

14:20-14:40 | Keynote Speech


  • *Mona Al Shazly, TV Personality CBC. (Egypt)

14:40-15:30 | Panel 4 | Notable and Historic TV Personalities.


Women TV personalities in this panel will share their experience in using their fame for good and their influence for real change. They will explain how they were able to sway society and decisions makers throughout their shows.


  • *Muntaha Al-Ramahi, TV Personality Al-Arabiya. (Palestine)
  • *Samira Ibrahim, Senior Journalist & Presenter. (Sudan-France)
  • *Matilda Farjallah, TV Personality. (Lebanon)
  • *Zeina Yaziji, TV Personality DMI. (Syria)

Moderator: Ricardo Karam, Talk Show Host, RK Productions & TAKREEM founder. (Lebanon)

15:30-16:00 | Fireside Talk


  • *Elissa, Artist. (Lebanon)

Moderator: Zaven Kouyoumdjian, Talk Show Host Producer. (Lebanon)

15:50 |Closing Note: Alia Toukan

Thank you for your interest in WOFL MENA Chapter-Amman.

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