WOFL MENA under Auspices of Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan

September 29 2016 | 04:10 PM

Women on The Front Lines (WOFL) Aims at Pushing Endeavors Forward

Let Women win an Optimistic & Sustainable Future Through Outstanding Leadership!

A Call to Organize The WOFL MENA Chapter in Jordan

WOFL| MENA Chapter is a Jordan Initiative for female leaders, rising talents, and fervent initiates! Our influential and innovative concept stems from the success of the May Chidiac Foundation’s (MCF) Annual WOFL conference in Lebanon. WOFL is indeed a sensation in Beirut, but with Her Majesty’s support and with our distinguished participants, we will reach our maximum potential in Jordan.

Jordan is growing to be the leading democratic country in the region. It embraces modernity while almost maintaining and conserving its values and beliefs. It promotes a culture that is rich, diverse, and harmonious with its people’s communal philosophies.

In Amman, MCF will be joined with the most stimulating and inspiring women who are:

Winning people’s respect and support for being motivational, consistent, and for realizing peace through strength.

Optimizing solutions for community building, economic and political development, as well as safeguarding ethical and moral standards for a lasting difference.

Fulfilling their promises in giving back to society and taking charge in delivering sustainable goals and ensuring durable milestones.

Leading through example and being prime exemplars for eventual emulation.

Most importantly, WOFL MENA Chapter will include testimony from women who have inspired leadership and have faced reactionary resistance from patriarchal societies, not to mention endured the reluctance of external media and figures to shed stereotypes.

Impact of MCF working with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah

Queen Rania Abdullah’s patronage is of prime importance to WOFL due to the commitment of Her Majesty to empower communities for a long-lasting transformation through numerous developmental projects that aim at educating, developing, sustaining, and empowering both individuals and societies.

As such, the WOFL MENA Chapter conference hopes to achieve similar goals in terms of inspiring our audience to assume their responsibilities and thrive towards, not only professional and educational excellence but also in the humanitarian aspect of achieving sustainable change.

We are certain that our combined endeavors can not only showcase a more accessible and authentic image of the Arab woman to the external eyes, but also attract the much-needed humane influence from western values to the overriding male-dominated Arab atmosphere. We know that together we can surpass all conference attempts that are being made in the region and make a real impact.

This strategic alliance is a mutual alignment between MCF and Jordan’s regional mission and vision, as we are confident that our experience in this field will drive influence, impact, and most importantly change to the regional Women’s status. On that note, this is a conference about female endeavors and women’s status, yet men are more than included in the conference via being moderators and participants. They are also encouraged to be active contributors to our goals, since hand in hand, we can all achieve a sustainable society where sex bears no difference to opportunity.

                        Objectives of The WOFL | MENA Chapter:

–                Maintain a large network of contacts at the event in hopes of inspiring influential partnerships and collaborations that turn models into applicable measures, policies, and initiatives.

–                Encourage emulation of inspiring women who have inspired change and leadership in their respective fields and experiences.

–                Nourish conference attendees, both men and women, with behind-the-scenes stories, experiences, and recommendations in order to understand roots, causes, and factors in situations in an effort to inspire bottom-up strategies.

–                Accumulate more knowledge and Assemble would-be initiates through hosting workshops that would assist eager talents in becoming more attuned to surrounding demands and help achieve market-readiness, professionalism, and leadership.

Stay tunes for our program and our full list of speakers!


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