World’s Most Famous Whistleblower to Speak at FCM!

September 29 2016 | 04:30 PM

This year’s Free Connected Minds conference will feature brilliant speakers who will share their experience on the following topics:

Special Double Interview: on Accountability &Transparency with speakers who have investigated the Panama Leaks and Snowden Leaks.

-The Reemergence of City States and Local Spaces: A Revived Model: a Renowned scholar who has published a book on Paradiplomacy via Oxford Press will not only be a speaker, but will also hold a book signing outside the main hall.

The End of Print Media: A Decline or Rebirth Phase?: This topic will feature panelists from well known media institutions and will include comprehensive perspectives on the topic.

-Our final panel will be about ISIS and the Social Media War: MCF has always covered how media can be used for peaceful or propaganda purposes. This year’s FCM will not only reveal how ISIS uses social media to recruit followers, it will also include a presentation by Mr. Rabih Haddad Comparing the Cinematography of ISIS to Hollywood Films.

Our keynote speakers will be announced soon. Stay tuned to also find out who the whistleblower is! You will not be disappointed!


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