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MCF Media Awards Ceremony

“MCF MAC” rewards the outstanding work of media professionals who significantly influenced the media scene locally, regionally, and internationally while contributing to peace building and social change. Our awardees are people who have moved nations with their groundbreaking stories and their capacity to break barriers, irrespective of restrictions, repressive laws or codes and taboos.

There are five award categories that are presented every year:

  • MCF Antoine Choueiri Special Tribute for Lifetime Achievement Award honoring those who have performed exceptional, enduring and consistent services and accomplishments spanning a career in Journalism.
  • MCF Engaged Journalist Award honoring journalists who are exceptionally dedicated to their cause, committing their lives to realize their phenomenal goals.
  • MCF Courage in Journalism Award honoring journalists who have faced and survived dangers in the name of uncovering the truth.
  • MCF Outstanding Media Performance Award honoring journalists with superlative broadcasts and presentations of extraordinary quality in audiovisual media.
  • MCF Excellence in the Media Industry Award honoring people who have excelled in the media industry.
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