Description: This panel will examine the diverse and far-reaching impact of Lebanese women in global communities. The panelists will share their experiences and insights into how they have leveraged their skills and expertise to create positive change in their respective fields  “Politics , Diplomacy , Journalism and Philanthropy” and communities, both within and beyond Lebanon’s borders, the discussion will explore the contributions of Lebanese Women , and to highlight the political and economical  role and influence that they contribute in order to renew the whole Lebanese political and economical structure.


H.E Yvonne Baki, Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States

Amal Mundallali, Journalist and Diplomat, First Lebanese Woman Ambassador to the UN.

Suzan Haidamous, Reporter at Washington Post

Manal Saab, Chief Executive Officer of SGCS


Alain Dargham, Journalist, Reporter, DC Correspondent at MTV Lebanon