Women on The Front Lines 2022

Opening E-talk with Rachel Dore-Weeks Country Program Manager at UN Women Lebanon.

Opening E-talk

Gender Quotas & Women Representation in Lebanon

Panel 1

The 2022 parliamentary elections secured eight seats for female representatives, two more than the 2018 vote. But despite this progress, they only represent 6.25% of the parliament. Lebanon has one of the highest overall gender gaps in the world, ranking 145 out of 153 countries in the World Economic Forum Gender Gap report 2020. Political representation is one of the most affected areas. Despite being very politically involved on the ground or through voting patterns and having a higher education level compared to others in the region, women have historically been excluded from decision-making positions in both public and private sectors.

Laws Discriminating Women in Lebanon

his panel discusses the repercussions of the personal status law in today’s deteriorating socioeconomic environment and what available options women have to ease the impact on their lives.

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Panel 3

This panel discusses the ways that the Lebanese media can improve women in its content production to ameliorate their image in a diverse and pluralistic society such as Lebanon.

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Panel 4

Women have always been an integral asset to the Lebanese economy, What are women doing to fight the obstacles on their way to becoming business owners and leaders?

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Panel 5

Meet the 4 ladies, who worked on the movie “All Roads Leads to Rome” from the script to the production.

Dareen Barbar an inspiring story of unstoppable women


An Inspiring Story of Unstoppable Women: Dareen Barbar, a Lebanese athlete who lost her leg at the age of 15, not only broke the Guinness World Record for the longest Samson’s chair sit but was also the first female amputee to hold a Guinness World Record in the Middle East.