All Hands-on Deck during Times of Crisis

What does the international community have in mind to aid Lebanon out of its conundrum? What will the continued regression in the country mean for the security of women and their families? What will it mean for the refugees in the country? Are there any hanging fruits that can help women and girls avoid a worse fate down the road?

Women’s role in the parliamentary elections

Women’s representation plays an important role in the composition of the Parliament. Women are still under-represented in the parliaments of all advanced developed democracies. The severe under-representation of women not only limits the diversity of parliaments, but also contradicts one of the central definitions of democracy. In the framework of parliamentary rejection for the women’s quota law, what should be done in the future to help women reach the parliament?

Women Working to Safeguard Lebanon’s Public Health System

The New Front Lines of Female Journalists

Journalists in Lebanon and in the region are now confronting a new set of challenges, whether it is surges in COVID-19, political instability, polarization, compromised security and rising extremism. What tools can journalists equip themselves in the face of unpredictable crises?

Women Joining together as ingenious leaders

Elizabeth Filippouli is a journalist, author and executive. Her early career in print and broadcast journalism at Greek and international media was prelude to now over a decade of activism and serial entrepreneurship. She is Founder and CEO of Global Thinkers Forum (GTF) since 2011. In 2018 Elizabeth launched Athena40, a family of diverse initiatives that advance female leadership by creating opportunities for women to be recognized for their work and connecting them with peers from around the world.

Empowering women from all walks of life

he E-talk will tackle the journey of Women leadership in which Mrs Arora will focus on G100’s establishment. G100 is a strong circle of 100 women visionaries across 100 diverse sectors connected in a global sisterhood. It comprises a league of luminaries of eminence and excellence including Nobel Laureates, former Heads of States, Ministers, Businesswomen, Philanthropists, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Corporate and Community Leaders