About WOFL Jordan

WOFL MENA Chapter is a Jordan Initiative for female leaders, rising talents, and fervent initiates! Our influential and innovative concept stems from the success of the May Chidiac Foundation’s (MCF) Annual WOFL conference in Lebanon. WOFL is indeed a sensation in Beirut, but with Her Majesty’s Queen Rania Al-Abdullah support, the consecutive patronage granted by the esteemed Jordanian Prime Ministers and our distinguished participants, we were also able to reach a maximum potential in Jordan.

Why WOFL MENA Chapter in Jordan?

Jordan embraces modernity while almost maintaining and conserving its values and beliefs. It promotes a culture that is rich, diverse, and harmonious with its people’s communal philosophies. The WOFL conference has been hosted over the past 9 years in Beirut and for the last 5 years, in Amman. Winning people’s respect and support for being motivational, consistent, and for realizing peace through strength.

Optimizing solutions for community building, economic and political development, as well as safeguarding ethical and moral standards for a lasting difference. Fulfilling their promises in giving back to society and taking charge in delivering sustainable goals and
ensuring durable milestones. Leading through example and being prime exemplars for eventual emulation.

Purpose of Women on the Front Lines Conference

  • Reflect the present status of women.
  • Bringing policy makers together to discuss emerging issues.
  • Provide suitable solutions.
  • Act as a voice to all women and defend their rights.


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