Description of the Panel:
On October 18, 2022, Prime Minister Najib Mikati announced that the Digital Transformation
Strategy for Lebanon 2020-2030 will be a pillar in the upcoming reform plans in coordination
with global stakeholders. Given the political and socio-economic instability, chronic problems of
siloed and uncoordinated policy efforts, as well as different levels of digital maturity across the
administration, several past attempts have not been successful and resulted in observable
reform fatigue in the country. Is digital transformation a dream or a possibility in the near
future? What should be the roadmap given the detrimental situation in the country?
1. MP Tony Frangieh, Chairman of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee
2. MP Razi El Hage, Member of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee
3. Dr. Joe Hage, Digital Transformation Expert, Former Chief Advisor at the Office of the
Minister of State for Administrative Reform
4. Samia Melhem, Global Lead, Digital Capabilities at the World Bank in Washington, DC
5. Roland Abi Najem, Cybersecurity & Digital Transformation Consultant

Ralph Doumit, News Anchor and Reporter at MTV Lebanon