Panel 4 Description:
The panel discussion will address the remarkable efforts of Lebanese female.
journalists reporting on the Gaza-Israeli war along the southern Lebanese border, with a specific
emphasis on the additional challenges they face as women in a conflict zone. The conversation
will focus on the dangers they encounter in their pursuit of honest reporting, shedding light on
their resilience and commitment to truth. Their critical role in shaping our understanding of this
complex conflict will be examined, providing a unique perspective on their invaluable
contributions to journalism.

Carmen Joukhadar, Reporter at Al Jazeera.
Joyce Akiki, Senior News Reporter at MTV Lebanon.
Joyce El Hajj Khoury, Senior Correspondent at Alaraby TV.
Nahed Youssef, News Reporter at Al Arabiya & Al Hadath.
Rif Akil, News Anchor & Reporter at Al Jadeed.
Moderator: Fadi Chahwan, Senior Media News Anchor at MTV Lebanon