Panel 3 Description:
The panel discussion brings together remarkable Lebanese women who have
established NGOs. The discussion aims to shed light on their inspiring journeys and
achievements. The panelists will share their personal stories, challenges, and successes in
founding and running their NGOs. They will delve into the importance of their causes and the
positive impact they have made on individuals and communities. Attendees will gain insights
into the transformative power of personal initiatives and the strength of Lebanese women in
driving positive change.

Caroline Fattal Fakhoury, Founder of Stand for Women.
Diana Frangieh, President of “From The Heart Of Yves”.
Lena Gebran, Vice-president of Kunhadi.
Mia Atoui, Cofoudner & Managing Director of EMBRACE Lebanon.
Moderator: Fadi Chahwan, Senior Media News Anchor at MTV Lebanon