Panel 2 Description:
This dynamic panel discussion will delve into the pivotal role of Lebanese women
in combating climate change and driving sustainable solutions. The esteemed speakers will shed
light on the unique perspectives, initiatives, and challenges faced by Lebanese women in
confronting the global climate crisis. Valuable insights will be shared into how women’s
leadership and empowerment play a transformative role in fostering climate resilience and
sustainable practices in Lebanon and beyond.

Caroline Chaptini, Lebanese Climate Change Activist, Recycling Artist, and
Holder of five Guinness World Records.
Diana Kaissi, Senior energy specialist.
Dr. Maya Nehme, Director of the Lebanese Reforestation Initiative.
Dr. Najat Aoun Saliba, Member of the Lebanese Parliament.
Dr. Samar Azzi, Head of Department of Agriculture & Food Engineering at USEK.

Moderator: Dr Marc Beyrouthy, CEO & Chairman, Nature by Marc Beyrouthy