MCF-MI is a non-profit organization and certified training institute that aims to bridge the gap between academia and the media industry through training and capacity building programs. In association with institutes of higher learning, the media institute offers support to students and professionals for training in the region in order for them to experience handson learning in media, gender related issues, women’s rights, peace building, conflict resolution, and human rights. Apart from Dr. Chidiac’s extensive experience as a well-renowned media professional and academic, MCF-MI trainers include highly esteemed media professionals in the Arab world from different areas of expertise. The institute currently has 8 staff members and is headed by the Founder and President Dr. May Chidiac and relies on its board members, trainers, and its affiliates to set up its programs and design its courses. MCF also prides itself with its partners to provide the institute with consulting on its planning, management, public relations, and outreach. Partner institutions offer MCF preferential access to vast production sets and space as well as the most suitable equipment. MCF has already graduated more than 700 trainees since January 2011. Many of the institutes graduates and affiliates have gone on to become vital members of the media community in Lebanon and members of civil society.

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